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Blue Beetle, Vol. 1: Metamorphosis - Tony Bedard, Tyler Kirkham, Sal Regla My second Blue Beetle origin story I've read in a week or two. Prior read was actually the third volume in that Blue Beetle run, while here I actually start from beginning.

There are large similarities between the two origin stories. Actually, not much different. I don't recall Jamie's parents in the other story, but I might have overlooked them. And I do not think Paco was a drop out in that other series run. Jamie, Brenda, Brenda's aunt, & purpose of Blue Beetle are all the same, though.

I liked both of the origin stories and plan to look for volume two, whenever it comes out, for this already cancelled run. While in the meantime I've already put volume 4 of the previous Blue Beetle series on hold. Vol's one and two were by a different author, so I'll probably ignore them. Volumes three & four are by the same author, the name John Rogers comes to mind, but that's probably wrong. The rest of that previous series after that was written by yet another author.

It's an interesting idea, and seemed well done in the two versions I read. I'm not sure how to word this . . . DC Comics seems quick to cancel nonwhite superhero series. This one, Static Shock, and Mister Terrific come to mind. I don't recall if they have cancelled Fury of Firestorm (I've a vague idea I'm wording that one wrong) yet.