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The Racketeer - John Grisham This is where "it was ok" that you see when you hover over the two stars on the rating scale on GoodReads really comes into its own.

The book had numerous massive plot holes. At one point the story jerks into a different direction that doesn't really make sense, the jerk to a different story. I suspect the Grisham planned to write the story he wrote, he just seemed to want to play games with what was happening. Dropping some hints like lead balloons, refusing to mention certain things - the 'missing information' actually creating a giant pointy arrow pointing out that there's missing information.

As an aside, I can't recall if the main female character was saddled with two kids or not. I just vaguely recall that she was supposed to have one college age kid and one almost college age. Who go unmentioned when their mother disappears for long long breaks. So maybe I'm remembering that wrong, maybe it was someone else with these kids.

I would not recommend this Grisham novel. There's some rather good books I've read by Grisham and this one won't stop me reading him, but I wouldn't recommend anyone else suffer through this one.