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Blue Beetle, Vol. 4: End Game - Jai Nitz, Justin Peniston, Rafael Albuquerque, Andy Kuhn, John Rogers, Mike Norton, Trevor Scott My third Blue Beetle book in as many weeks. The second by the same author. I read the New 52 first volume in between reading Blue Beetle 2008 (whichever label I can put on that version) Volume 3 and 4. This being volume 4.

I wasn't interested in reading the first two volumes in this particular run, mostly due to comments that things finally started being coherent by volume 3. Well, if incoherence and/or lack of focus actually is a problem with earlier volumes, it certainly showed up in this book at least up to the Endgame arc.

I believe it might just be the simple fact that certain things are "required". One of the reasons this volume went into lack of focus mode was the required insertion of a Green Lantern story line, or I should say Yellow Lantern? I'd say Sinestro but I can't recall how to spell the name. A problem if you are writing a DC Comic series: Required to insert many many arcs that "tie-in" other series. Even if they mess up the flow and make no sense. I could have lived without seeing Peacemaker suddenly a yellow ring wearer.

There are more volumes in this particular Blue Beetle series, but no more John Rogers Blue Beetle, so I'll skip the rest of this particular series line. As in the 2008 run. Continue following New 52 version.