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Cry Wolf  - Holter Graham, Patricia Briggs I'm doing this review long long after I heard this book. Just an upfront warning.

The book is by an author who, at the time, I rather liked everything I read by her. Then I got to this one. First book in a new series, but a series related to another I've read. So . . 3 star rating? Well, I rated it 3 stars on a different website when 3 stars meant something else. Here 3 stars means "liked it". Because of my issues with the book, I should probably drop it to 2 stars.

The issues? I was testing audiobooks. I heard a rather good book as an audiobook while I was at work. It was nonfiction, about US president Polk. So, I figured I'd try a fiction audiobook.

The narrator, no idea who the narrator was nor if different than the one I've linked my review to, but the narrator was a man. Did I mention that the lead character was a woman yet? No? Well, lead character is a woman. This became an issue very quickly.

It was an interesting story, I'd be progressing along and mmph. The narrator now is squeaking like a mouse. Why? Because he reached the point when he has to relay the ideas and/or words of a woman. And his idea to convey that is to squeak like a mouse.

I'm not sure what I might have thought of this book without that narator issue. I do know I've yet to try this audiobook trick again. And it took me more than a year to try any other book in this particular series. The squeaky mouse voice really wasn't something that helped the lead female, Anna Latham, in this book. Made her sound very much like a whiny brat. Squeak squeak squeak. Which is annoying as I know this was something that lodged into my brain because of the audiobook narrator.

So . . . I just noticed that particular issue. heh. I almost always have series that steadily decline in my ratings for the books. Or fluctuate near the same rating. This is the first time I noticed that this series goes 3 stars (this book), 4 stars (Hunting Ground), and finally 5 stars (Fair Game).

Maybe the squeaky voiced audiobook narrator actually helped me in this case. As I rather deeply disliked this character and book, so, as long as I tried more books in the same series, it could only lead me ripping the next book into tiny pieces, or giving a much better rating. My expectations were very low for the next book and the one after that.