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Dragon Avenger - E.E. Knight The second book in the series switches dragons, moving from the "champion male hatchling" and his story (the champion being the male that survived and/or drove off all other male hatchlings) to the sister hatchling.

I rather liked the first book but, in a way, that was a problem with my ability to get into this book. Simply put, the first book in the series started with the hatchlings in the cave, the dragons in the cave were attacked, two hatchlings escape together and spend a little time together. Then they get separated. The first book then follows along as Auron (the male hatchling) grows up from hatchling to drakka to dragon. Quite an interesting story. The problem, though, is that I read the second book in the series almost immediately after the first. And do you know how the second book starts? Hatchlings in a cave, the same hatchlings from the first book. The same activity described in the first book occurs, though from Wistala's perspective (the female hatchling). Hatchlings hatch. Fight for dominance. "Others" invade. Two hatchlings escape. They hunt together. Auron diverts hunters and Wistala escapes on her own. Just like the start of the first book. Though now from Wistala's perspective.

The idea was presented much more interestingly later in the book. When Wistala meet up with people Auron ran into in the first book. Probably more interesting because only one dragon was there in each snippet of story. So you still get some of that "seeing things from another perspective", without that "seeing the same story repeated, but now from another angle" issue that is a problem with the start of the book. I know I'm not describing this correct. So . . .

There's a scene in the first book when Auron runs into a dwarf with a bunch of ponies. The dwarf squeaks and throws coins at the dragon. One thing leads to another and they become friends.

The same dwarf and ponies are meet by Wistala in the second book. But this time the meeting is almost completely different. Almost because Wistala planned to eat the ponies and maybe the dwarf. But didn't. Same dwarf and ponies. Both baby dragons meet this dwarf and ponies. Different perspectives and encounters at different times of encounters.

It was neat when we learned how the dragonslayer's son got the injuries he sported in the first book. Shown in the second book, I mean, how he got the injuries.

Interesting book. Recommendable. Already have the next two books in the series sitting ready to be read. Just have to get myself to tackle the third book, which I assume will begin like the first two books, but this time be from the point of view of the third hatchling to survive cave invasion/slaughter.