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Déjà Dead  - Kathy Reichs I liked the television series made from the Temperance Brennan series. So much so I decided to try the first book. I mean, I liked the tv series, I like forensic investigation type books, of course I'll like the books, right?

I couldn't get past the decisions made by the main character. And the personality. The belief that all men looked down on her, were out to get her, and didn't think she was smart enough because she is a woman. Her decision to dress up like a hooker and go out late at night without backup, without telling a soul what she was doing, without a weapon (it has been so long since I read the book, I do not actually recall if she did or didn't bring a gun) so that she could solve the mystery herself without 'needing' male help.

I liked the character on the tv show. After reading this book I had to stop watching that series. Needless to say, I didn't try another book in this series, though I'm sure my issues with it might have been resolved if I continued. There are just so much time in life and so many books, though.