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Ratking - Michael Dibdin The book started out being interesting. Rich head of family kidnapped before the start of the book. Old family friend calls up his high level contacts with the government to get them to send a high ranking Roman police officer to take over the case. It has been many months since the old man was kidnapped without progress.

The man character, Aurelio Zen, started off seeming to be a likeable guy. He was always drifting away in the book. Mind miles away from the case or what was going on around him. He was portrayed in the book as rather timid, worried about basically everything, and maybe a little incompetent. Though that was under review throughout the book. Competency.

The last paragraph of the book, or somewhere in the last chapter, was a brief uplift which kept the book from being rated anything worse than three stars.

I had looked around in the library for the sequel in this long series. When I was at about page 45. Now . . . now I’m not sure if I’ll read another book by Dibdin.