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Odyssey - Jack McDevitt Initial Thoughts/Review: Interesting enough story. There are many point of view changes, and by the end, I'm not sure that even the author knows which character he is following (specifically referring to the last chapter). Deceptive cover, in implying what the book is about. A somewhat deeper (and yet oddly thin) look at Hutch's earth and Academy (and the system set up to explore space).

Story (bare bones): Finances are tight, cuts to the Academy funding, and maybe outright closing of the Academy is threatened ("more important things, like taking care of the rapidly deteriorating local environment (shrinking, disappearing ice caps, greenhouse . . .)"). Story begins with a ship "lost" between point A and B. Search undertaken. Turns out the ship type/model/line will need to be removed from operations. As mentioned, threats Academy will be closed, and operations already being slowed/stopped (by the need to take a ship class off-line/out of operation). Orion Tours, a private outer space company, presents the Academy with a proposal to bolster both the Academy's chances for survival (Orion Tours uses Academy bases (mostly, own some bases of their own)). "Moonriders" detected along the Orion Tours route. Mission to post monitors along the route to see if Moonriders activity can be watched. Moonriders being the term used in this time point for UFOs, unidentified flying objects.

Recommend: I would not as a book to enter McDevitt's universe, but it is an interesting enough book if you have low expectations.