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Deep Storm - Lincoln Child The review I wrote in 2007 isn't as informative as I would wish:

"Lincoln Child stumbled in his initial two solo works, he had good ideas but had not yet mastered the art of writing on his own, but in his third solo outing, Child appears to have acquired the talent to write on his own.

Very interesting, well written book."

I can only really add two things: First, I wish there were half stars on here. I rated this 4.67 stars back in 2007. Should I rate that 5 or 4 on here? Baring in mind everything from roughly 3.80 up to something roughly around 4.64 has the "right" to be considered for four stars on here. Secondly, the description of the book on GoodReads reminds me of another book I read recently. Oh, fitting. The book description notes that a doctor is called to a remote research facility wherein an archeological dig is occurring deep below the facility. Which is similar to a different kind of doctor called to head off to Africa to a marshland to find a research center below which, deep under the water, an archeological dig is occurring under the waves of the marsh. Fitting because this other book is also by Lincoln Child, The Third Gate.

I only rated that one, The Third Gate, 3.60 stars. So if you desire reading about an outsider called in to help at a remote secret archeological dig occurring deep underwater, then I suggest reading Deep Storm instead of The Third Gate.