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The Undertakers: Rise of the Corpses - Ty Drago An absorbing quick read despite its almost 500 page size. Another interesting twist to the current zombie fad, though also something of a trick as they are not really zombies.

Young 12 year old boy, Will, heads out the door to go to school only to be stopped by his next door neighbor complaining about the trash cans. Oh, and this neighbor, the boy turns and finds out, happens to be a walking talking corpse. The boy flees, running to the bud stop, making great time. Another boy makes some comment, looks down the hill, and apparently sees a living old guy looking pissed. Will gets on the bus, rides to school, and begins to wonder if the pop-tart he had for breakfast is making him see things.

Once at school, Will spots more walking corpses and more 'normal' humans who either do not see anything odd about the corpses wandering around, or do not notice that the math teacher has been dead for a while. The corpses notices that Will seems to see them, and come for him. Will freaks, and a girl shoots the zombie like critters with a water pistol. They flee.

The rest of the book follows as Will join the Undertakers, who are fighting the corpses. The Undertakers and Corpses from the title. The young adult novel is quick paced and quickly read. There is an indication, based on how the book ended, that there will be more books in this universe. On the other hand, this is the third book I've read by this author and the first two books also directly or indirectly implied that they were starts to new series. No second book in those almost series ever appeared.

Strong characterization. Quick paced. Third book by the author that I read and liked but I still do not know if I can recommend this book.