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Gregor the Overlander  - Suzanne  Collins I enjoyed the Hunger Games trilogy, and looked for other books by Collins each time I went to the bookstore. But I never did find anything non-Hunger Games related. I finally looked in the virtual bookstores, though I’m not much of an ebook reader. Found Gregor the Overlander and gave it a quick sample. The sample lured me in to actually get the ebook and read it. Quickly.

The story involves a young boy named Gregor. He is in an unfortunate situation of having his father missing, and a mother who must work constantly to provide for the family. So Gregor spends most of his time watching out for his 2 year old sister. Watched her climb into a wall. Fall. Gregor followed and fell a long way to find himself in a fantasy land under the ground. Filled with talking bugs, animals, and humans.

Gregor’s arrival had been prophesized. An adventure is undertaken, following this prophecy.

Fun book. Lead me to try book two in the series. Though it seemed to follow the same pattern as the first, so I never did read anything else in this series beyond book two.