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Three Bedrooms, Two Baths, One Very Dead Corpse: An Amanda Thorne Mystery - David James The first chapter is funny with at least two mild chuckles that escaped from my lips. That chapter was also long and hyper. I had to go take a nap before continuing, and I do not take naps.

Amanda Thorne is a woman of obsessions and repeated mention of low confidence. A successful real estate agent before she meet, married, and partnered up with the perfect man, Alex, she loses her confidence after they divorce. The book begins with Amanda attempting to land a major listing. To show she still has it, still can be successful.

She lands the listing, but before she makes a sale, a dead body turns up in the house. For someone obsessed with getting back on top in real estate, she sure spends a lot of time distracted from that goal. Distracted by trying to solve the murder herself (with ex husbands help). Distracted by the thought that everyone is laughing at her because her ex turned out to be gay. And for someone needing to show she can do it on her own, she sure did leap at the chance to partner up again, in the business sense, with her gay ex husband.

That is one of Amanda's obsessions. Examining each person to see if they might be gay. Obsessed also with religion. Every encounter seems to have to go through the religion test. Or at least some memory of her horrible religious parents. But hey, that's ok, she herself isn't religious. Or something like that.

A catty, crude (one more image of turds, and how the woman opposite her smiled like she was passing an especially large one, and my head would explode), always joking older woman who kind of comes across as a catty gay man.

A hyperactive novel, overwhelmed by the constant one-liners. Some genuinely funny moments. Somewhat tiring book from the need for the one liners, the obsession with religion, sex, gayness, etc.

I'd recommend trying the book. Somewhat reluctant recommendation.