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Fuzzy Nation - John Scalzi A good solid book. Reminds me more of the film Avatar than of Return of the Jedi. Though it was the ewoks who were mentioned internally in the story. The story itself involves a big company taking resources from a planet, and the natives that the big company wants to push aside so that they could get the profitable stuff. Unlike in Avatar, there are environmental protections in place that would disallow the company to do what it is doing. That are in place to supposedly protect the native sapient species.

The main character finds a furry little creature at his tree cabin. A biped cat-like creature with opposite thumbs. Curious, he lets the creature move in with him, which leads a small family of fuzzies living in the cabin with the human. I will only note that appearances are not always what they seem.

I've always had a certain trouble getting into this author. I found him through, I believe the book was titled Old Man's War. A neat concept, ok book. Sequels followed. I read one or two of the sequels but they were not as interesting as the original first book. I still have one more, at least, book in that series. Even own it. But it will probably be a while before I read it, if I do. Tried, or investigated a non-series book, but began with a character farting himself to death, or something like that, and after seeing that, I put it back on the bookstore shelves.

The author is a good writer, and he sometimes has interesting concepts, so I keep finding myself examining his books instead of just dropping him. Fuzzy Nation looked interesting. But as I already own a book by him I'll probably never read, I was still reluctant. Glad I got it out of the library. Entertaining quick read. Still probably reluctant and slow to pick up another book of his.