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High Profile - Robert B. Parker Story:
High Profile character (Walton Weeks; libertarian personality on TV and radio, with a newspaper column - equally angers left and right wing) killed in Paradise. A little later a woman, 10 weeks pregnant with Walton Weeks child, is also found dead. Both killed by the same gun. Jesse Stone investigates. Meanwhile Jenn, ex-wife, cries rape & stalker and Jesse Stone comes to her call. Jesse has a high profile murder investigation to solve, and gets his present girlfriend, Sunny Randall (Boston private investigator), to watch over Jenn.

Note: two main series main characters involved in this book, but like in Blue Screen, only one point of view (this one follows Jesse Stone, while Blue Screen followed Sunny Randall).

Recommend?: Yes (but only after the five Sunny Randall books have been read, and the five previous Jesse Stone books have been read; no need to have read any of the Spenser books, though there are sometimes common villains/friends/lovers that turn up from the Spenser books)
Rating: 4.55

Parker has lead me to the conclusion that it is much better to have never loved than to have loved and lost. All his main characters, Spenser (and Susan), Jesse Stone (and Jenn), Sunny Randall (and Richie) are mixed up in relationships that involve deep love, but also an inability to stay together or to sever the connection. Why not separate? Because they love too deeply. Why are they apart? I haven’t a bloody clue.