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Kiss Her Goodbye (Hard Case Crime #8) - Allan Guthrie Story:
Joe Hope learns that his daughter Gem is dead and heads off to make Adam Wright answer for Gem's death (Wright had promised to look after Gem). While there, Joe is arrested for the murder of Ruth, Joe's wife (Joe is naturally confused, didn't know wife was dead).

Joe Hope: Loan Shark enforcer
Cooper: Loan Shark - friend of Joe’s and Joe’s boss
Park: Killer for Cooper

Ruth Hope: Joe’s wife, now seemingly dead
Gemma Hope: Joe’s daughter, dead

Sally: Cooper’s girlfriend and mother of Cooper’s child

Adam Wright: Ruth's cousin and a writer with a “Writer’s Retreat” in the islands off coast of Scotland

Tina: Joe’s hooker/streetwalker (real name, oddly enough: Ruth)

Mixture of the title and cover gives a very wrong impression. Mixture of a small segment written on the back and cover gave impression lead character was the woman on the cover. It was flat wrong.

Interesting book. One plot twist I didn’t expect, and many plot twists that I saw a mile away.

Quick read, not too demanding.
Recommend?: Maybe
Rating: 4.22