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1634 The Bavarian Crisis - Eric Flint, Virginia DeMarce Most of the books in this series are hard to get into, and that is both because of the massive cast of thousands over many different countries (not all of which are familiar), and because the books themselves are not written by the same authors. Other than the short story books, none of the stories (books) can be definitely linked to any sole author other than Eric Flint. The hope every time I crack open a book in this series, is that Flint actually was involved, and that the book has a similar enough "feel" to the prior works. That is very hard to do when you have many different co-authors, and many different characters. Really doesn't help if the book opens up before prior books. And then you notice that they are referring to events that might happen that have already occurred in previous books (this is a 1634 book, there already is a 1635 book).

With all that said, this specific book in the series finally picked up after many unknown number of pages and actually became rather enjoyable. Hard to put down even. Even so, I did end up reading another book at the very beginning as the early stages of this book were frustrating to get through.