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Mossad Exodus; The Daring Undercover Rescue Of The Lost Jewish Tribe - Gad Shimron I was disappointed with the book. The book was disjointed. While the story seemed to progress down a certain path through time, there would be tidbits here and there thrown in from the future (and past).

Information from the future/past (foreshadowing and past memories), can work, of course, but the book’s overall narrative was quite shallow. Shallow long the lines of a “this happened, and then this happened and then . .”. If there was more depth, then those tidbits from here and there might have seemed less disjointed.

(A side note: it didn’t help that I thought that the book was going to be about the Mossad special forces rescue of a high jacked plane; but was instead about the Mossad rescue of Jewish refugees. Another occasion wherein an early reviewer program tricked me).