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Dali & I: The Surreal Story - Stan Lauryssens I believe I read three-fourths or so of the book before I realized the book was a memoir, a work of non-fiction. I acquired the book in through an early reviewer program. The program did not provide genre, category information. The story sounded interesting from the little information given, and so I requested the book.

The author has written fiction, and it is something of a compliment, in my own mind, that I didn't realize quickly that I was reading a memoir. That I was fooled into thinking I was reading fiction.

The book was well-written and informative of Dali and the era. The review I wrote at the time appears to have either gone missing, or never posted, and therefore I can only go by memory. Unfortunately I cannot recall why I rated the book an average rating of just 2.8 stars. So all I can say is that the book, nonfiction memoir, read very much like a novel.