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The Cobra - Frederick Forsyth A young teenager dies in a Washington DC slum. That night the US President sits down to a dinner with guests in the white house. A waitress breaks down and begins crying. Escorted from the room, the First Lady follows and learns that the waitress is the grandmother of the young teenager who died directly from the use of cocaine. Tossing and turning in the night, the president decides to do something about the issue. To destroy the cocaine industry.

Seemingly staffed with retirees, Operation Cobra is launched. Headed by an ex-CIA operative, Paul Devereaux, who had been let go because he was too . . . tough. Cobra is a codename he had used. The name of the operation, and later in the book, the name of the author of a blog. He, Cobra, puts into the second in command position the one man who outsmarted him. Cal Dexter. Also the man who Cobra tried to kill when he ran across him in the past, but we won't get into that.

So, the operation is put into place. Drug shipments from the Columbian cartel that controls access to cocaine are interfered with. Tempers flare. People die. Most of the time people think of fantasy as something that involves magic, sword and sorcery, dragons, orcs, and the like. There is something of a fantastical element, though, in creating a little fantasy where a seemingly impossible to fight problem is examined closely, and thoroughly destroyed. The fantasy of the smart man called forth to solve the big problem, handled with a certain ease. This book seemed to be going that route, but then reality stepped in. I do not want to give too much away now, so I will move on.

The story was strong, interesting. The characters seemed real, for the most part. There were certain segments, though, where a desire to skip forward had to be fought against. The book I read was an uncorrected advance review book, and there were misspellings and the like that had to be ignored. All in all an interesting good quick read. I would recommend the book.