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Phobos - Ty Drago Facing a choice between two books, a Sports Fiction book by an author I’ve read before, but didn’t particularly like (I’ve seen good reviews for the option book and thought I’d give the author another chance, only read 1 by him so far), and a Science Fiction, Military Fiction book by an author that I’ve never read before and have the impression that he hasn’t written any more books, I decided to catch up on my magazine reading. Later, after spending some time catching up with the piles of magazines, I finally got around to reading another book. Picked the sports book up first, glanced at the first two lines, didn’t like the way they went and started the Science Fiction book.

The books own "description" of itself: a Martian officer in the Earth space service facing some discrimination, and placed in a position near/on Mars while it threatens to hold a revolution.

And, according to the book itself, this is Drago’s First Novel. According to later acquired knowledge, this is actually Drago's second novel. Never heard of the author previously, and never seen the book anywhere except at my library.

Plot: Lt. Mike Brogue is the first Martian military officer in Peacecorps (Terran military; The planet Mars has been colonized by Earth beings, but certain failures has hindered widespread open (as in under open skies) living, and the "Martian's" desire greater control over own lives and future; if saw the movie "Total Recall" - just picture something similar - Corporations run Mars, corporations owned by outsiders, locals want more independence, and both even have something about search for aliens). Mars desires independence and Lt. Brogue finds himself in the middle.

Finding alien life will apparently result in a similar "freedom" like in Total Recall (there is something in some charter that mentions that the alien life would need to be preserved or studied or something that would give the native humans more control - in the book).

Then: something (something alien or some rogue human terrorists?) starts killing people on Phobos, moon of Mars. Lt. Brogue is sent to investigate.

Phobos - completed, rated 5 stars. Great book. Too bad it appears that he wrote at most 1 more book, and neither were apparently well-received (at least in terms of buyers). Very well written.

(above is quickly slammed together from blog entries in my defunct reading journal; re-edited to remove things like "began reading today, only read prologue" etc)