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One Summer - David Baldacci A powerful book that pulled me in quickly and dragged me to the concluding chapter. Feel somewhat drained now, physically and emotionally.

A man, dying from some unnamed illness which has a survival rate of 0.0% (not 0.00001%, but 0.0%), is trying to live until Christmas. His wife is helping him as he shrinks before her eyes. The sixteen year old daughter pulls away. The youngest son is too young to know what is happening, being only two. The middle child, also a son, is just twelve. Christmas Eve arrives. Most of the family heads off to see middle child perform in a play. It will be recorded and shown to bed bound father. They return. Presents opened, tape viewed, Christmas Eve coming to a close. Wife suddenly realizes that she didn't get her husband's pain medication so she heads out into the bad icy weather. Sometime later a cop turns up.

The book concerns a family trying to come to terms with a roller coaster of ill health and death. Gripping. Draining.