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The Falling Machine - Andrew P. Mayer An interesting combination of the superhero and steampunk genres.

The viewpoint changes, but the main character tends to be Sarah Stanton, the daughter of a rich high placed society man, who also is one of the Paragons, the superhero's of the time. The book starts with Sarah and her half-brother, Nathanial, visiting the Brooklyn bridge with Dr. Darby and the Automaton also known as Tom. There is an immediate mixture of steampunk in the form of Tom the mechanical, steam powered man (fortified steam) who is also one of the Paragons. Dr. Darby and Nathanial are also members of the Paragons, and Sarah might have been as well but for the fact that she is female. A major thread running through the book, that, the femaleness of Sarah and how that means she shouldn't be involving herself in men's things.

There are multiple points of view and while I tend to dislike books with multiple points of view, this one seems to handle the situation smoothly. The characters tend to be fuller formed than maybe expected, though still edging towards caricatures. Plot is kind of thin.