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War Maid's Choice - David Weber David Weber is a frustrating author for me to read. He has developed over the years a need to bloat, to pad, to use a thousand words to describe something when ten would. Or, if it was there in the beginning of his writing career, I over looked it when I first started reading him long long ago.

Somewhere in the reading of his books I think to myself, no more, never again will I read him. He has slowly driven me from his series. I've read my last Honor Harrington book - holding out longer than many others. I've read my last Safehold book. Maybe. Probably. The bloat finally overwhelmed me in that one. I keep saying to myself that I'm done with Weber, but he keeps doing stuff that brings me back. I do not recall the order now, but several books back I was done with Weber. Then he released his next Honor book and I had to read it. Then he released his next Safehold book, and I had to read it. Then an extended version of his short work involving Stephanie Harrington. And I had to read that one as well. There, at least, finally, I found something worthwhile. Probably because he wrote it and released it as a young adult book. Maybe. That or the story was good enough to get past the massive overuse of words. Well, I figured I was done with Weber except maybe for his next Stephanie Harrington book. He kept releasing things in series I previously enjoyed, so I'd give him another chance. Which lead to War Maid's Choice. I rather enjoyed the previous books in this fantasy series.

The bloat? The need to write every bloody person’s thoughts, including parts where the person told himself to stop it? Yes, it was there. So tired of internal conversations. So tired of people berating themselves internally. bah. Ok, the book worked well enough for me to give it 3.4 out of 5 stars. Mostly the ending pulled the rating up. But I'm done with this series as well.

I'll probably get pulled into another Weber book; there are other series he wrote that I enjoyed. He could release something in one of those series. Entice me back. Though, in those series, he had a co-writer, just like his next Stephanie Harrington book has a listed co-writer. The bloat does seem to happen more often in his solo work. So I'm probably done with Weber as a solo author. Maybe. I should probably note somewhere that David Weber had, at some point, been on my list as a favorite author. It's the reason I keep giving him another chance, though he has long since fallen off the favorite author list.

Right. I would only recommend this book to those who previously read and enjoyed the series. Otherwise I'd advise to steer clear.