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White Sky, Black Ice - Stan Jones First novel by Jones, and first book in the Nathan Active series. I found the book while wandering the library shelves (public library, not my personal library), looking for interesting Soho Crime books.

The book is set in Alaska with a young inexperienced Alaskan police trooper. The trooper is a native, but was raised outside the native culture.

I found the book to be interesting, with a somewhat unusual twist. Instead of seeing through the tricks and traps left by criminals, Nathan is still inexperienced enough to fall for some of them.

I read this book back in March 2007. The notes above were modified in 2012, but written in 2007. I need to remember to keep notes. Even these small bits of information recalls the book to me. It was a decent enough book. I do not know why I've failed to even attempt another Stan Jones book in the last five years.