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Incident on the Bath Road

Incident on the Bath Road - Georgette Heyer I've found that a reader probably shouldn't read too many Heyer short stories in a row. They have a rather large similarity between each other. They all seem to involve people eloping to escape unwanted marriages. Thinking about it, I can't recall any that weren't that specific story line.

Let me see. There's this one, Pursuit, Runaway Match, and Full Moon that use that in the story. There is one, though, that didn't use it. Well, I mean one I've read, I'm sure there are others out there unread by me that lack this specific storyline. A Proposal to Cicely would be the one, and only one I've red, that didn't have an elopment as a large part of the story.

This specific one isn't the best of the lot. Begins abruptly. Adds a twist that I do not recall the other elopment short stories having, but that has come up numerous times in Heyer books (and as a it is a twist, I can't actually mention what it is, now can I?). And then, after that little twist, ends abruptly.

I'm kind of tired of these poor little damsels fleeing from something or other only to run into be strong me. Mind, most aren't really 'poor little damsels'. Most seem to flee as they don't like to be forced into a marriage. Strong willed fleeing as opposed to weak-willed cowardly fleeing. I have no idea what I'm talking about and so wander off to read something else to pass my time.